Young the Giant: ‘Home of the Strange’ Tour Courtesy of Young the Giant

The Los Angeles-based alternative rock band Young the Giant is now on tour, after just releasing their third studio album, “Home of the Strange.” 

This album is an anthem for anyone who struggles to find where they fit in, especially in this current political and social climate. “A modern American immigrant story” is the theme that ties the album together. The five band members are either immigrants or first-generation Americans themselves. Their diverse backgrounds partly inspired the title track, as well as the song “Amerika,” about finding yourself when you feel stuck between two cultures. The artists collaborated on this album more so than they did previously. They wrote songs together and took turns singing and playing instruments.

Young the Giant’s members acknowledge their belief that while people may hold different opinions, music has the power to unite us. Conversations the band had on college campuses on tour in 2015 were the catalyst for the song “Something to Believe In.” It’s about making your own way if the straight and narrow path proves fruitless.

Young the Giant released their self-titled debut album in 2010, which went to number six on the rock and alternative charts. It earned them the RIAA-gold certification for the hits “Cough Syrup” and “My Body.” Their following album “Mind Over Matter” was released in 2014 with the single “It’s About Time” which reached number two on alternative radio. The album sonically holds both old school and contemporary elements that give it a full live band feel.

Pop duo Lewis Del Mar will open for Young the Giant at their sold out show on Feb. 4 at The Complex. Stay tuned for the recap and photos of the show next week. Additional dates and locations for the “Home of the Strange” tour can be found here.