College Street Style: Logan Fee

college-street-style-10-image-2-logan-fee Kamryn Broschinsky

Continuing on with the College Street Style Series, Logan Fee was chosen to share his style choices for school. Fee is a junior who’s currently studying Business Administration here at the U. He was asked a series of questions pertaining to his own style for school as well as about this month’s No Shave November activity.

On the day of this interview, Fee was wearing an outfit that gives you an example of his everyday style which includes jeans, a tee shirt and an athletic, red jacket from Under Armour. He also was wearing a pair of black high top sneakers, which contribute to his signature look.


When asked whether he’s heard about No Shave November in previous years, he replied, “I have. I guess you could say I’m a participant. I’ve always loved having a beard, so there was no difference in month for me.”

Fee explained that he usually has a beard anyway since he likes that look, but occasionally will shave it for a bit of change. “No Shave November gives a good excuse to not,” he said, explaining that the month provides “a good excuse to keep [the beard] going.”


Fee finds shopping at the outlet stores best when searching for clothes for school and everyday wear.

“Usually I go up to like the outlets because I know they usually do great deals,” he said.

The outlets in either Park City or Lehi usually have a great selection of sales and deals going on for any college student to stay on budget. He specifically said that Quicksilver, Nike and Under Armor were some stores he likes to shop. As for Fee’s favorite clothing store: “Right now I’d say Under Armour,” he said.

His go-to outfit to wear to class involves “jeans, tee shirt, pretty simple,” he said, adding that he is always careful to “color coordinate as much as possible.”

Such color coordination typically revolves around the color red, since it defines most of his wardrobe. The reason for this? “[The University of] Utah, and I’ve always loved red in general, I feel like that’s what attracted me to the U anyway, as a kid.”

Wearing red is an awesome way to represent the U while on campus as well as show some pride in our school. He seems to be doing just that!

If Fee had the option to spend a lot of money on one clothing item, he’d have to go with shoes. He said, “I love shoes…[so] I’m willing to splurge [on them]. I love high tops or nice, classy dress shoes.” High tops in particular are great for serving the purpose of looking classy enough for business school without going too far in that realm.


“[Wear] whatever you feel confident in,” he said “You want to able to be viewed on a regular basis with people that you would meet for networking. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the students and teachers and have them have respect for you, as well as who you are. If you just want to be yourself, style’s one of the fun things you get to see around the U too. There’s a good diversity,” he added.

In other words, you can easily draw style inspiration from students around you as you attend school, or from this style series to find out what style advice other students have to give to where they find their clothing. Fee additionally said that he finds inspiration for his own style from himself and whatever he feels like wearing.


college-street-style-10-logan-fees-high-top-sneakersFee likes a shoe trend he’s been seeing on campus, saying that “There’s the dress shoes that are kind of like more of a suede that have the fun looks to them, those are nice.”

Rolled-up jeans on guys fall among the campus trends he doesn’t tend to like. “I personally don’t fully understand — you know the bottom of the jeans, some of them will roll it up a little bit more with the bungee thing on it. I don’t understand that. They’ll do the roll up or there’s the one where like you buy the jeans and it’s already preset to a little bit higher with a bungee on it.” Interestingly, this response may sound oddly familiar as a student interviewed a few weeks back named Mandeep Mundy actually had a similar reply to not liking this campus trend.

Afterwards, Fee clarified that thought, saying “Everyone can be themselves, but I don’t agree with it.” He just prefers wearing jeans as per usual and finds that trend tends to look like guys wearing capris, which if that’s your style, go for it.

Logan Fee would describe his style if he had to as either “athletic” or “classic” since really it encompasses both.