Student Feedback Wanted for Improvements to Foothill Drive

For years the traffic on Foothill Drive has delayed students’ commute to the U. Transportation authorities have struggled to find a solution, so they’ve enlisted the help of those who know the road best — Salt Lake City residents that travel on Foothill Drive everyday.

The U has partnered with Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, UDOT and UTA to devise a plan to improve the flow of traffic on the street. The organizations plan to establish short and long term goals to address congestion and develop better connections for surrounding neighborhoods. One objective already set by the groups is to increase transportation options, which could lower the amount of commuters on the road and enhance safety.

Shireen Ghorbani, a spokesperson for facilities management at the U, said she knows it will be a difficult to solve the traffic problem experienced by thousands of travelers daily. “This is not a new aspiration for the U, but we do not have jurisdiction over that area,” said Ghorbani. Because of the U’s lack of authority over Foothill Drive, they have joined the team with the hope of contributing to a successful project.

One student at the U, Elena Crudu, suggested that the groups create an alternative road to help the flow of traffic. “I don’t think an extra lane would solve the problem, because it would have too much of an impact on the businesses already in place,” Crudu said. “[Businesses] are too close to the road to add an extra lane.”

The analysis currently underway is one in a series of investigations that have been conducted during the last 10 years. The organizations working to find a solution want more people to contribute their opinion. “We would love for the student voice to be a part of that feedback,” said Ghorbani.

To make your voice heard, look at the project overview and stay up to date with plans for Foothill Drive, visit