Countdown to OSH Demolition

OSH construction Justin Adams

Students and faculty said goodbye to OSH with the conclusion of finals, and plans have begun for demolition. The current objective involves removing all materials from the inside of the building, then crews will tear down the structure during fall semester. Here is an approximate timeline of construction during the summer, and how it will affect students.


  • All programs and organizations headquartered in OSH, like the Hinckley Institute for Politics, have been relocated to law building 72, which is just north of the Quinney law building.
  • Workers are clearing all offices, classroom, and hallways of any materials.


  • June 1: Fences going up around OSH. These fences will stay up until construction is complete, which is projected to be just before fall semester of 2018.
  • June 1 approx. – lasting nine weeks: Initial phases of abatement. Crews will completely strip down the inside of the building. The U will remove and store any recyclable material and dispose of all hazardous materials. Construction workers will drill boreholes around the building to get an idea of what the foundation beneath OSH looks like.
  • Sept. 2 approx. – lasting eight weeks: Demolition begins. The construction team will tear down the exterior of the building and remove all materials to prepare for construction.

    After June 1, OSH will be completely closed to the public. The fences around OSH will take up a lot of sidewalk area, especially between OSH and LNCO.

    “Stay excited for what’s to come,” says Matt Yurick, Director of Operations and Logistics. “Construction can be frustrating, but the new building will be worth the wait.”

    To get project updates, and to see an interactive map of current construction around OSH and all of campus, visit facilities management’s website at