Construction On Sidewalks Outside OSH Delayed Until After Finals

OSH construction Justin Adams

Students unlucky enough to have to sit through a final in OSH can be grateful for at least one thing: It will be quieter than anticipated. The plan to jackhammer 60 feet into the surrounding lawn has been delayed until after Commencement.

“It comes with some impossible-to-miss noise making,” said Facilities Management spokesperson Shireen Ghorbani. “As we head into the last few weeks of the semester, with finals and the impact that this could have on students’ concentration, we decided to hold off.”

Project manager Brett Petersen said the drilling, originally scheduled to begin last week, will likely occur over three days in the week following graduation. Crews will use seven sites surrounding OSH, including two 60-foot holes and five shallow companions, to sample and assess the soil in anticipation of constructing a new building upon it.

“They are looking at the overall stability of the site, a precaution taken on all new buildings, and assessing things like water table or rock that may be in the area,” Ghorbani said.

Maddy Mitchell, a freshman in operations management, was relieved to hear of the delay.

“Noise makes it hard for me to focus — especially a jackhammer,” she said. “I’m sure all the other test-takers will appreciate it.”

Construction of the building to replace OSH is set to commence later this summer and finish in 2018.