Construction To Begin On Huntsman Cancer Institute Extension And Connecting Bridge

Large pieces of a pedestrian bridge and walkway sat ready at the construction site of the extension to the Huntsman Cancer Institute this weekend.

Frank Sitton, HRE associate director for facilities, said the pieces were brought up Red Butte Road from Friday to Sunday night.

The bridge will connect the existing facility to the Primary Children’s and Families’ Cancer Research Center, scheduled to be built by April 2017, said Shireen Ghorbani, spokesperson for the U’s Facilities Management. Construction for the bridge began in June 2014, and Ghorbani said it is going as scheduled.

The extension is projected to cost around $100 million and will be located to the east of the University Hospital. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is one of the principal donors for the new center.

The space will feature the technology and laboratories necessary for the work of 35 new research teams, who will contribute to the Huntsman Cancer Research Institute’s efforts toward finding the cure for cancer.

Vice President Joe Biden recently visited the the institute in February, meeting with researchers, doctors, cancer experts and politicians. He acknowledged the cutting-edge research done at the facility.

A spokesperson for the Huntsman Cancer Institute was not immediately available to comment on recent specific developments in construction of the new center.