Grand Kerfuffle to host rap artist Hoodie Allen

N-Kerfuffle Colby Patterson
Students gather on the Union Lawn last year to watch Awolnation perform at the Grand Kerfuffle. Photo by Erin Burns.

Students gather on the Union Lawn last year to watch Awolnation perform at the Grand Kerfuffle. Photo by Erin Burns.

The U’s Grand Kerfuffle this year will be headlined by Hoodie Allen, Talib Kweli, Burnell Washburn and The Druthers on April 4.

The Kerfuffle has been a staple on campus for more than 20 years as ASUU’s spring concert.

Allie Vangeison, manager of concerts on ASUU’s Campus Events Board, said she expects a better student turn-out for the Grand Kerfuffle than there was at Redfest, the annual Fall Semester concert. Vangeison said Redfest did not sell out because there were other events going on at the same time across Salt Lake City.

“We have sold out almost every single year [for the Grand Kerfuffle],” Vangeison said. “We have already sold quite a few tickets.”

The first ticket for U students is free with their UCard, and a second ticket costs $5.

“I think this is one of our biggest events that we throw,” Vangeison said. “I think it’s a good opportunity to bring all the students together.”

Vangeison said this year there will be a VIP section for students to meet the artists.

Students who donate $1 will be entered into a drawing to win a VIP ticket for themselves and one friend. She said ASUU is also working with Rock the U to raise money for the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Devin Price, a member of the Campus Events Board, said he has been working on the “Make Mine Corner,” where local artists will play while the acts on the main stage are setting up for the Kerfuffle.

“There’s going to be essentially no dead space through the set changes,” Price said.

Price said this will also draw more people toward the vendor area to help build revenue. He said when he came into ASUU he wanted to help support local music artists as well as give the students the big names they wanted. Price said the local artists who will be at the event have gone on tour with big-name rap artists.

“We feel like Utah has a good music scene, but it’s just not known because obviously Salt Lake gets overlooked,” Price said. “It’s important to showcase what Utah has to offer.”

Price said this year’s Kerfuffle will include many new additions, including two giant screens with live Instagram feeds and video about the event.

“This Kerfuffle is one of a lot of innovations,” Price said, “We are definitely trying new things, and hopefully some of these traditions will stick.”

Vangeison said they have a capacity to host 8,000 students.

ASUU currently has more than a hundred volunteers for the event. She said ASUU surveyed students at the start of the year to determine what types of music they would like. The rap/hiphop category came in third place, and they decided to have the Grand Kerfuffle reflect that feedback.