Spangler, Black ready to make their vision reality

N-ASUU-cr Colby Patterson
Justin Spangler and Sarah Paul celebrate the Vision Party’s victory in the ASUU elections on March 7 outside the Union. Photo by Dane Goodwin.

Justin Spangler and Sarah Paul celebrate the Vision Party’s victory in the ASUU elections on March 7 outside the Union. Photo by Dane Goodwin.

Justin Spangler has big plans for next year.

Spangler and Madison Black won the presidential and vice presidential positions for the upcoming school year on March 7, just before Spring Break.

Spangler has not wasted time getting his plans in motion. The Vision Party’s “Squeeze” program sent out the first discount at Ugurt on March 8, and Spangler said there is more to come.

“The Squeeze program is roughly working with the 28 closest restaurants on and around campus,” Spangler said. “[It will] bring discounts straight for students.”

Spangler said the Squeeze program will fall under the Student Services Board, and he hopes it will give the board a better direction.

“It’s just going to create a better community around campus. It’s going to make people feel more involved,” Spangler said. “It will create a community feel around campus so we can make friends and have more involvement.”

The duo has another plan in motion for the upcoming administration — the much-hyped recycling vending machine that will call the Union cafeteria home starting Fall Semester. Spangler said he has negotiated with Coca-Cola to pay for the machine’s $15,000 price tag.

“The way that it works is through a points system [using an app],” Spangler said. “You will scan the QR code … so when you drop your water bottle in there it will tally up the points that will be linked to your account and you can redeem those points.”

Spangler said if the recycling vending machine is successful he would like to see more of them on campus in the future.

The Guinness World Record initiative is also on Spangler’s agenda. He believes the goal to break multiple world records would help build campus community at the U and said this initiative would be the responsibility of the Campus Events Board. Spangler said the director position for this board will be filled in the next couple of weeks once candidates have been interviewed.

He would also like to expand the Sustainability Board beyond the Recycle Rice-Eccles program to include things like clean air and CO2 levels. He said he will also work toward making the campus more accessible for everyone, and he would like to expand on the current administration’s heavy stance on fostering diversity at the U.

Spangler said he would like to bring back the “Pizza with the President” event to help students feel more welcome at the U.

He said expanding the tutoring center to have tutoring sessions available in the Marriott Library is currently underway and that he is working toward allocating funding for that program.

“The tutoring center, that is going to help academics around the U [immediately],” Spangler said.

The incoming president would also like to continue and expand the incentives UTA has for riding TRAX.

Current ASUU president Sam Ortiz said the transition from his administration to Spangler’s has been smooth thus far.

“I’ve been able to meet with Justin a few times already, and it is clear he is full of energy and excitement for next year,” Ortiz said.