Vison Party wins close race

N-ASUU-Results Colby Patterson
Justin Spangler and Madison Black celebrate their win in the ASUU elections on March 7 outside the Union. Photo by Dane Goodwin.

Justin Spangler and Madison Black celebrate their win in the ASUU elections on March 7 outside the Union. Photo by Dane Goodwin.

Justin Spangler and Madison Black of the Vision party will be the next president and vice president of ASUU. Taylor Thompson, the elections registrar, made the announcement at 10 a.m. on March 7 on the Union Patio.

“[I’m] still shaking,” Spangler said after the results were announced. “It’s one of those exhilarating feelings. It might be the best day ever.”

Spangler congratulated everyone who ran and said he hopes everyone will apply for a position in ASUU for this upcoming year. He said he wants to create a community on campus that is “engaging and inviting and loving.”

“We are so excited for Justin and Madison,” said Sara Seastrand, current ASUU vice president said. “We were impressed by all the candidates from Team Unite, Grow and Vision parties and their commitment to serve students through ASUU.”

It was a close race between Spangler and Black, and Mike Bird and Ashley Newhall of Team Unite. The Vision party won the presidential and vice presidential race by 111 votes.

“I’m honored for this position,” Spangler said. “I’m excited to really represent the students, hear their voices and get a ton of things done this next year.”

Spangler said that Team Unite ran a “fantastic campaign” and joked that he hopes they can still be friends after the drama-filled elections process.

“Thank you for this opportunity. Tell everyone to still get involved, that’s what matters,” Spangler said.

Bird was not able to be at the announcements as he was on his way to Colorado at the time, but he was able to weigh in on the results.

“From the beginning we knew it would be a close race,” Bird said. “Overall we do feel success in a lot of aspects. We are excited about elections being a little more clear [in the future]. It was a close race, we had fun and we wish the best to the vision party.”

Florence Fernandez of the Vision party won the senior class president position over Team Unite’s Tanner Olson. Fernandez won by 44 votes.

Fernandez said that she was lucky enough to have the Grow party and the Vision party behind her. She said Ali Sadler and Oliver Anderson, the presidential and vice presidential candidates for the Grow party, stood beside her after the Grow party was dissolved after the Primaries.

“It was very difficult, for sure,” Fernandez said, donning both Grow and Vision gear after the results were announced.

Zack Strong won the Attorney General position in a landslide victory over MacLane Taggart by a vote count of 1748 to 1333.

Three independent candidates won senate seats in this year’s election process. Cindy Chen won a close race for the College of Fins Arts, Rachel Wootton won for the College of Mines and Earth Sciences and Lauryn Roth won the seat for the College of Medicine.

“I am thrilled to be in ASUU Senate next year,” Wootton said. “I hope everyone involved in elections continues to be engaged to improve the campus community.”

Team Unite won seven of the Senate seats compared to the Vision party’s six and the three independent winners.

The Vision Party won 18 of the Assembly seats while Team Unite won 17 of them. 3 Independent candidates won Assembly seats as well and there is a special election planned for the final Assembly seat.