Accessibility a common platform in ASUU debate

N-ASUU-VP-Debate Colby Patterson

The senior class presidential primary election debate was held Feb. 11 in the Union.

Kendahl Melvin, the current ASUU senior class president, was the moderator for the debate.

Florence Fernandez, the senior presidential candidate for the Grow Party, was the first to answer Melvin’s debate questions. Fernandez said her main goal as senior class president would be to make the current resources ASUU has more accessible for students and to make them feel welcome at the U.

“We don’t want seniors to leave and feel like they weren’t welcome,” Fernandez said during the debate.

Tanner Olson, the candidate for Team Unite, agreed with Fernandez but said that in order to do this, there has to be a greater awareness of the resources available to students. Olson said that the commencement ceremony is an example.

“Something new would be fun to get seniors to go to [commencement],” Olson said during the debate.

Carli Carter, the candidate for the Vision Party, said diversity and availability were two of her party’s key platforms. She said her party wants to use social media to raise awareness with students to get involved in the events on campus. Carter said the U has the resources necessary to do this, but ASUU needs to get the right students involved.

“I want to make sure these traditions are known,” Carter said.

Each of the candidates said that if they were to win in the primaries, and their party’s president and vice president did not move on, they would with the other parties in achave no problem working complishing their goals in the general election.

“After elections names are put aside, we are ASUU. We are the University of Utah,” Carter said.

Fernandez agreed with Carter and said, “It doesn’t matter which party you are from … each one of us could help the others out.”

Olson said if this were to happen, he would be excited to work with the other parties to help the U grow.

“I see myself working great with the other parties,” Olson said.

Carter said during the debate that there are not enough events at the U to involve students on campus. She hopes to increase the number of events with her time in office. She said the current events are great, but there is not enough enthusiasm about them. Carter said ASUU should take the enthusiasm they have during elections and apply this to the events they put on as well.

Olson also said there are not enough events on campus. He said more events would encourage students to stay on campus after class to get involved. He proposes adding a homecoming celebration to the agenda for the next academic year.

Fernandez said student involvement in these events could be boosted by having the representatives and senators reach out to their respective students and student groups.