Ignorance Speaks in Utah

By allen.wellman@us.army.mil

Ignorance Speaks in Utah; Congratulations

Upon reading the article entitled, “Cult! Fear and loathing in College Station,” I was admittedly a little angry. At first, I was angry at the University of Utah for letting this ignorant article to be published. Then I realized that I had been to Utah and that I know that good people go to the U of U. I decided it was probably just one or two faithless liberals that thought it was a good idea for a football pep rally to be compared to a cult gathering. I can understand that. We have had a few uninformed articles published at Texas A&M as well. If Chris would have left religion out of it, I probably would not have been so upset. I think that we can all understand what Chris thinks good Christian university students should be doing on the weekend. Definitely not going to football pep rallies or coming together in school unity for a common cause. Maybe he is a little bitter that U of U struggles to get fans at their football games. Maybe he truly thinks college is only about getting drunk, having sex, and breaking the law. If I was a U of U student, I would be outraged that the school newspaper is telling the rest of the nation that these are the core values taught at their university.

“The U football team sometimes struggles to get 35,000 fans at the actual game-A&M got that many for the pep rally. On a late Friday night, no less. These kids should have been getting wasted, having sex and walking around town in a drunken stupor stealing stop signs and falling asleep in public fountains.”

Chris Bellamy

Texas A&M is a school rich in tradition and sprit. I am not a home grown Texan and definitely do not strut around wearing a t-shirt that says in bold letters, “TEXAS PRIDE,” but I do consider myself a blessed individual to have been able to spend my undergraduate years at such a fine school. It is a school that teaches its student in and out of the classroom. It is where I learned true patriotism and about things bigger than self. It is where I and thousand of others made the decision to serve our country and to lay it all on the line. It is where hundreds of soldiers, including seven Medal of Honor recipients, gained the understanding that making the ultimate sacrifice is about preserving this great nation with all of its freedoms for you and future generations. It is where the numerous memorials including Kyle Field have been dedicated to lost lives and loved ones in past wars. I think that it is somewhat satirical that this Chris Bellamy decided to compare one of the nation’s greatest institutions of higher learning with the occult. I can honestly see how education and good natured fun is viewed by the ignorant. Before I read this article, I had no idea who Chris Bellamy was. Well Chris, Congratulations!!!, I now know who you are and what you stand for. But don’t worry; we will keep fighting for you anyway.

A. Scott Wellman Texas A&M Alumni